Prevent diabetes
Understanding diabetes
Symptoms of hyper
Diet type 2 diabetes
Diabetes 1: adapt nutrition and insulin
Diabetes 1: treatment
Diabetes 2:diet is necessary
Trust between patient and doctor!!
Normal life despite diabetes
Diabetes 2: varied and balanced diet
Diabetes 2: drugs when it's necessary
medical monitoring
Diabetes 1: insulin for meal (fast) and insulin for life (slow)
Diabetes 1: Regular program: insulin and diet
Diabetes 2: physical activity every day
2 Different diabetes


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For who ?

It is intended for patients with diabetes. It brings you the essential ... to treat diabetes and live happily.

Why ?

To live happily despite diabetes ...

Actively participate in treatment and monitoring is needed.

For that ; learn to care for, be motivated and supported by entourage.

To learn how to treat and to care; seek true information ...

As derived from science and practical experience and free of any adverse influence commercial and / or quackery.

Essential, simple and convenient and avoid getting lost in unnecessary or complex information.

Get involved

This site is also yours. Live happy and share happiness with others ...

Participate in the life of this site through:

Questions, comments, discussions, testimonials, forum ...


If you can help, donations allow us to advance in this project ...

Who is the author of this web site ?

Pr Ababou MR

Specialist and professor of endocrinology and diabetology Former head of the Diabetes Service at Ibn Rushd Hospital and Diabetes Center for Treatment and Education Casablanca - Morocco.

Author of many books on diabetes addressed to patients and caregivers.

address: Boulevard Abdelmoumen N°76 Casablanca Maroc Tel  0(212)522 25 20 02  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skills and experience:

Scientific training in general medicine and specialized in the field of diabetes and its  implications for the patient and his family and in the field of training of caregivers and patient education.

Practical experience of decades in the care of diabetic patients and therapeutic education and training of caregivers.

... A passion to share knowledge with others.

The essential you need... to live happily despite diabetes

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